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Aircraft Mechanics Faternal Association (AMFA)

Aircraft Mechanics Faternal Association (AMFA)

The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association is a craft specific independent aviation industrial union that only represents aviation maintenance technicians. The union is committed to helping aviation maintenance technicians and mechanics gain leverage within the professional standings of aviation technicians. The association looks to improve many aspects of the working environment and has a heightened focus on wages & working conditions.

What Is The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association?

The AMFA or Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association was created in 1962 with the idea of representing craftsmen within the aviation maintenance & mechanic industry. One of the first known airlines the association represented was Ozark Airlines and from there has also been known to represent the aviation technicians and mechanics of other reputable airlines such as:


  • Pacific Airlines
  • Airlift International
  • Hughes Airwest
  • Southern Airways
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Horizon Airlines
  • Independent Air
  • United Airlines
  • ATA
  • Alaskan Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines


The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association has been around for over 50 years and has not only the best interest of its craftsman in mind but also is fair with their fees & dues required. It is the only democratic organization for technical aviation to be found. For more information on how to join this union or for more details on fees & dues check out their website:


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