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Services Handling

These some of the exceptional services that we offer our clients with some of the experienced and professional workers.

Air Duct Cleaning

Laundry Duct Cleaning

Exhaust Duct Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Assistance:

– Hotel reservation, Car rental, Limousine
– Transfer by helicopter to PARIS 10mn
– Lounge / Flight Preparation / Coffee / Beverage / WIFI.
– Catering (Meal plate, hot / cold beverage, Viennoiserie)

Technical Assistance :

– Refueling
– Cleaning indoor / outdoor / polish aircraft
– Ground guidance / Tractage
– Indoor / outdoor parking subject to availability

Exterior Cleaning & Washing

We have a separate team that will take care of the exterior cleaning and washing. The entire process has a lot of procedures that need to be followed. To attain perfection, the flight will be subjected to various processes. We make sure that the work is flawless in every aspect.

Headset Cleaning & Repacking Service

We are considered to be one of the best when it comes to headset cleaning and reaping services. We have an efficient and dedicated team that is handling the part.

Full-Service Aircraft Maintenance

We are one of the renowned and reliable firms that offer wholesome aircraft maintenance services. The quality of our services is what that sets us apart from the rest.


From Our Blog

  • Being an Aviation Technician, you might have to face changes as rapidly the technology is evolving with the evolution of airplane, its parts, and engines along with the flight maintenance. There are many things you must know before deciding if this field is for you or not. Below are mentioned few things which might help you decide:  

    What are all the areas that are included in the field of Aviation Maintenance:

      Aviation Manger is the person responsible behind all the successful flights and the security of the passengers. They need to be very attentive about their duties right from managing the aircraft parts, their replacing and repairs, they need to diagnose the electrical as well as mechanical problems. They need to track the performance standard of each aspect, right from working of the airplane to the services provided in the airplane along with the records of maintenance and repair works. They need to work outstation in hangars, repair stations, and on the airfields.  

    What are the factors that effects the pay scale of the technician?

      There are few factors that might directly affect the earnings as an Aviation Manager like: Education: This certifies what all you have a knowledge about and what are your education standards which can direct you in the particular domain and stamps your abilities. Experience: How much experience you have got in the field and how would that be useful in the field like experience with the helicopter, duster and crops. Industry: which is in the particular you might join in like military, types of aircrafts, agriculture, etc. The type of work you can do perfectly like, system troubleshooting, high-tech electrical issues. Specialization in the fields such as, electrical systems, engines, system testing. You must have a proper certified training from aircraft training centres. How many certifications do you have and what are the tasks you have expertise during this? Geographic location.   tasks you  

    How much an average Aviation Manager earns?

      According to the Bureau of Labour Statics, an aviation technician who has a certification of aircraft mechanics advance A&P. With a deep knowledge of cutting edge technology along with the composite materials. Top technicians earn more than 76,660$ and the minimum pay the bottom ten percent earn is 35,190$.
    • Ag pilots need Aerial Mechanics in high demand.
    • Ag Planes are Equipped with State-of-the-Art Equipment.
    • The Aircraft Aren’t Just Used for Pesticides.
    • Certifications and Registrations Are Obtained Through Quality Training Programs.
    • Aircraft Mechanics Also Learn to Work on Helicopters.
    • Para-Gliders/Ultralight Aircraft need Maintenance/Repair.
    • You Will Need High-Quality Training and Certifications.

  • Air Conditioning System work on aircraft is somewhat similar to residential & commercial AC maintenance & repair in that each system functions with the same goal in mind. They both work to keep the air cool and the temperature within your space regulated. AC systems are designed to work efficiently and effectively not to mention safely for whatever type of space they will be cooling. Those that work on any AC system need to be skilled knowledgeable professionals in order to maintain safety and to make sure that the system is diagnosed and repaired properly. Air Conditioning repair technician Rob, with Hahn Plumbing & Heating, states that while he knows the in’s and outs and everything in between when it comes to residential & commercial building AC systems he wouldn’t know where to really begin with an aircraft AC. He might understand more than someone who is not an AC professional but still yet AC systems within the aviation field are their own beasts. The AC system in aircraft is supplied by air processed between the two packs that regulate airflow & keep the required temperature. They essentially mix the hot & cold air to create the desired temperature. It may sound somewhat simple but it gets a lot more complex than that. While aircraft can vary in size and type the principals & operations of the AC System are the same in ALL aircraft. The primary parts of these systems include:

  • The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association is a craft specific independent aviation industrial union that only represents aviation maintenance technicians. The union is committed to helping aviation maintenance technicians and mechanics gain leverage within the professional standings of aviation technicians. The association looks to improve many...

  • Working in aviation as a technician or mechanic was once a prime job to have. With aviation technicians making as much as $70,000 per year, having great benefits, and outstanding job security, many looked to train within aviation and find a dependable & rewarding career....

  • The mechanics involved with aviation are detailed and intricate and require the technician or mechanic to be highly experienced and precise in his work. While all types of mechanical repairs and services are important for cars, trucks, buses, vans, commercial vehicles and any moving object with an engine and brake system, aircraft mechanics are even more so. Everything that goes into building aircraft from the inside out needs to be taken into account. Anything, even something as seamless as the paint used can affect the crafts aviation abilities. That being said, the outward appearance of the aircraft is very important as well for those pieces of aircraft used for commercial purposes or to differentiate them from other similar aircraft. In this day and age with technology as it is what about a paint alternative such as a vinyl wrap!?

    Aircraft Vinyl Wraps

    Vinyl wraps have become pretty mainstream with many people seeking both personal vehicle wraps and commercial wraps for their company fleets and buses. And now people can wrap their aircraft too! From commercial, corporate, and private jets, planes and helicopters professional and experienced vinyl wrap installers are able to wrap your aircraft. While the quality and design of the wrap have a higher level of standards to meet in terms of safety compliances, the possibilities for graphic design are virtually endless.

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