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AC Maintenance & Repair For Aircraft

AC Maintenance & Repair For Aircraft

Air Conditioning System work on aircraft is somewhat similar to residential & commercial AC maintenance & repair in that each system functions with the same goal in mind. They both work to keep the air cool and the temperature within your space regulated. AC systems are designed to work efficiently and effectively not to mention safely for whatever type of space they will be cooling. Those that work on any AC system need to be skilled knowledgeable professionals in order to maintain safety and to make sure that the system is diagnosed and repaired properly. Air Conditioning repair technician Rob, with Hahn Plumbing & Heating, states that while he knows the in’s and outs and everything in between when it comes to residential & commercial building AC systems he wouldn’t know where to really begin with an aircraft AC. He might understand more than someone who is not an AC professional but still yet AC systems within the aviation field are their own beasts.

The AC system in aircraft is supplied by air processed between the two packs that regulate airflow & keep the required temperature. They essentially mix the hot & cold air to create the desired temperature. It may sound somewhat simple but it gets a lot more complex than that. While aircraft can vary in size and type the principals & operations of the AC System are the same in ALL aircraft. The primary parts of these systems include:


  • Pack Valve
  • Primary Heat Exchanger
  • Secondary Heat Exchanger
  • Air Cycle Machine
  • Re-Heater
  • Water Extractor
  • Water Spray Nozzle


The Air Cycle Maintenance or ACM is a cooling device that is often referred to as the air conditioning pack or Pack for short. It allows the bleed air to be cooled to regulate temperature and pressure within the passenger compartment and control flight compartment. ACM’s are usually found in turbine-powered aircraft.

The main air distribution system in aircraft gets air from the airconditioning packs, ground conditioned air, and the recirculation system. These systems are all very important to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the aircraft’s AC system.  When it comes to aviation maintenance, having vast AC system knowledge and specializing in HVAC system repair can prove to be a very lucrative career.


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